Anal plug stories – real story

Porn story “Anal traffic jam”.

When in my school years I was fond of reading different erotic fan fictions, I always bypassed a section called “Anal Traffic A Tales”. The name itself seemed quite strange to me, and no anal delights attracted me. What was my surprise when, already at a conscious age, being an adult guy, I became a participant in such a story.

, Anal plug stories – real story

Traffic jam – a story about anal

My girlfriend and I lived together for about six months. With personal life, everything was wonderful, as it seemed to me, it was quite diverse, and we practically did not refuse each other. And then one day she offered to try something like that ..

– And what exactly do we do? – I asked cautiously. Valyusha mumbled in response:

– Nothing special! Say, you will be more often from below … and more often you will work with a tongue ..

The picture did not become clearer.

– I don’t mind being from below. And I thought that you were not at all delighted with Cooney. Why don’t you just ask?

She growled.

– I will not ask! I will command! And when you are from below, you always distract me, pawing me either by the boobs or the ass!

– I thought I was helping you to finish! And in general I may not touch you! At least when I am from below, at least when you! I was perplexed.

“And I’m about the same,” Valya looked me right in my eyes. -So you can, but you can like it, but I want everything to be, as I say, so that you obey, you understand?

It intrigued. Light excitement made me by surprise.

“You can try … I think …” I struck.

– You will appreciate! She whispered and kissed me.

, Anal plug stories – real story

The next night she took out a toy.

– And what is it? – starting, I asked and hid my hands under myself.

Valya smiled, ringing handcuffs.

– You’ll like it!

– We agreed that I would just obey.

– You will not follow the rules right away, you see, you have already started arguing and resisting!

– Maybe while we do without them, and if I do not hold back the word, then we will try with them?

Without answering anything, I received a portion of kisses throughout my body.

– You agree? – I exhaled with relief and, not expecting this from myself, slightly disappointed.

“Nope,” she giggled. – No sex, until the handcuffs are on you. No matter how much time it takes. – And, as if cheering me up, licked the right nipple.

I was shocked. Valya was calm itself. But my leather friend was already ready for new experiments.

– Fig with you! – holding out my hands, I said. – I’m all at your disposal, act!

… literally a moment later my hands were riveted to the back of the bed, and the excited member talked tightly and closely with Vali’s lips. No signs of trouble. “Why did I resist? – I thought. -All the handcuffs. Not a gag in the mouth “.

, Anal plug stories – real story

Early exhausted with relief, because the next night I prepared for me more surprises.

– There is no need to worry like that. This is not a dildo, but just a gag, ”Valyusha grinned.

At this point, I was already naked and connected in the form of a cross on the bed. Valentina was incredibly seductive and calm like a boaver, while persuaded me to open my mouth. I could not succumb to this provocation.

– Tired! Say what confuses you? She asked and put a gag on a safe distance. – Honestly, I will not stop you from telling you.

– It doesn’t seem to you that we played?

“They played …” she repeated lingeringly, and with her fingers grabbed my treacherously strong riser. – And he is ready to play, or it seems to me?

“I just want you,” I drove. – And without all this, you understand? I tied me up, you want to insert a gag … We will only have it to do it, and not ordinary sex.

– “This” means yes? She asked with irony, and squeezed my cock into her tender vice. The riser was strong a nut.

– Yes, the point is not at all about that, – I retreated. – After all … it all began with handcuffs, then you decided to tie me, now you reach for a gag, and what’s next?

“Until you try, you won’t know,” Valya answered me, winking at me, and the gag was in her hands again. – Come on, open your mouth!

I had no choice and I obeyed.

The gag in my mouth marked that I no longer have the right to vote, and there is no possibility to resist, and I even somehow managed to relax … but not for a short while.

“And now we’ll talk seriously: I’m very tired that you constantly argue with me,” sitting comfortably and stretching out of my constrained body your amazing legs, tightened by tights in a net, said Valyusha. “After all, I’m persuading you all the time, I argue, it seems to me …” the dramatic pause hung, “… what is the time to introduce a system of punishment.

I began to mumble, unable to say a word, but as a result, her helplessness only made her laugh.

– That’s what we will do! She said, looking down from top. – I establish the rules, and if you again begin to resist … – her hand again held my cock, and made unhurried movements – … if I agree, then finish!

, Anal plug stories – real story

History about sex with anal traffic jam

Of course, I finished, and with every hour approaching the next night, more and more nervous, thinking what awaits me today. I hoped that she would make us some dating for sex three … But an anal traffic jam was waiting for me and this story.

– Well, make a choice, you decide!

This time I was connected lying down down. Anal cork sparkled in front of my nose. Vali’s voice came from behind.

– The first option: you will be an obedient guy, and you will not resist when I begin to insert this harmless toy into your ass. This will give us both pleasure, and we are glorious.

I heard a small surge of water.

– The second option: you will be a wretch, and you will have to tear you out for this, I just have rods here. Sooner or later, she will break … – her hand shocked my roll. – Then I’ll take another. And one more. It will continue until you change your mind, or we both will not collapse without strength. I will not rape you in any case.

The member treacherously rested on my stomach, and, despite all the inconvenience, stood like a stake. “There is a plus in this, rods will not fall on it,” it occurred to me.

– What kind of tablet are you choosing? She asked, and held out a lubricant in one hand, and in the other salt.

– There are no things in my ass! – I answered as displeased as possible.

– Very … very bad boy! – I heard. More likely, I thought of these words, but I did not hear, but her whisper was very sweet and excited. And here is the first blow with rods on my ass. Tears appeared on my eyes on my eyes. Valyusha, not allowing me to come to her senses, inflicted a second blow. And not one. I cried out, but the scream was not noticeable after another blow.

… the first rod did not give slack, unlike me. Before arranging anal penetration into the bowels of my cave, Valentina removed my tears, comforted, stroked on the head, and unexpectedly said:

– Great you kept. And I am very glad that in the end made the right choice. I am very proud of you … and very wet.

“Great, you held on, this is a deception,” I thought phlegmatically, in anticipation of a complete immersion of a plentifully greased traffic jam in my ass. – But about estrus did not deceive.”

Such porn stories with the participation of anal traffic jam continued for more than one night, and now, when I was already raised ..

– It was amazing! – Having come to his senses after the next orgasm, Valya said with difficulty. – I even come up with laziness where you could tickle. It was a great job, and a mouth, a member, and your asses and you deserve the right to finish yourself, but ..

“Just not but!” – from fright, a thought appeared in the head.

– I just need to tear you away. The evening was perfect, but there was no flogging. It’s a pity that there is nothing to bed! You did not finish without my team, and my legs did not bite, and did not even gross roughly my ass! For this you would already be punished, but no ..

The lower jaw itself fell off while I listened to her.

– Well, I just really like it! – a little embarrassed, voiced this Valyusha and hid her gaze. – I really need. With each orgasm, I can imagine more and more how you wriggle under a whip. I have to do it now just for pleasure … – she added very embarrassedly. – I repeat, you did a great job … It’s just that it will be like that today ..

Of course, anger in me began to grow. Perfect behavior throughout the evening. Sex with a cork, erotic stories, stood on his knees, an endless cooney, fucked it so that God forbid not to finish! Even allowed to fuck himself with a big fucking dildo! And what am I getting for it? Rods on the ass, just like that! This violated her own rules, where justice? Silence hung in the room, and the atmosphere became tense.

, Anal plug stories – real story

True … The conditions in sex are set to increase pleasure, and not vice versa. She will enjoy violation of her own conditions? Apparently, she is not at her place. As for me? I gave myself an honest answer, and anger left, giving way to a sweet anticipation.

– OK. Do it. I’m sure I am Kaifan, – I answered without a shadow of doubt.

– A? – Valyusha did not understand.

– I’m high from flogging. Without it, as if the process is not over. And your excitement from her … It is worth it to suffer a little. Come on, pori me. Not only now, but always when you want it. I am entirely for.

Surprised Valyusha jumped up with happiness and jumped like a small child. Her cheeks were filled with paint.

– How glad I am! Dear, you are the best! -I haven’t caught such a look on myself, it was something special.

“True, there is one nuance …” I laughed. She was attentive and serious.

– Work has appeared for your imagination, for the whip became a gingerbread.

She grabbed me in a strong arms.

– I want to come up with rewards for you! – her voice rang joyfully. – But what to punish you, I will find too! Sure. You will be surprised!

And I was surprised not once, because there were still a lot of punishments: her fantasy turned out to be a bottomless well of different ideas. Now, after many years of life, we are happy in marriage, we have beautiful children, and I still sometimes get rods on the ass in which there is an anal traffic jam, but this is a completely different story ..

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