21 Council for beginners in anal sex

21 Council for beginners in anal sex.

1) Anal sex is still for many couples to taboo, many girls do not even want to talk on this topic. Meanwhile, anal sex has long been not something out of the ordinary. Therefore, the main thing is not to be afraid to try!
2) First try to caress yourself in the anus yourself. This can be done with the help of a finger (fingers) and with the help of special toys that can easily be purchased in a sex shop – vibrators, dildo, anal stimulants. For safety reasons, do not use unsuitable objects for this.
3) If you are a beginner, an experienced partner is very desirable for anal sex – a person who already has experience of such sexual intercourse. It will be easier with such a partner – he can explain a lot and suggest. Of course, if there is no one on the horizon – this is not a reason to refuse anal caresses.
4) It’s not bad before proceeding with anal satisfaction, wash. This is especially important for girls – because the fear is that during caresses from you "It will smell bad" capable of repulsing any sexual desire.
5) It is important that the rectum is free from waste waste, so together with the shower you need to make an enema. Again, as in the case of washing, this creates a strong psychological effect – after all, for the first time the vast majority of girls pursue the fear that a partner can get dirty with feces, and such fears do not at all contribute to the receipt of sexual satisfaction.
6) The phase of the prelude is necessary – it will give you the desired psychological mood, will help to get together and tune in to the right wave.
7) Oral affection are especially good during the prelude – when a man gently caresses the girl’s anus with his tongue, using his own saliva to moisturize. This soothes the girl, relieving stress and helping to tune in to the right way.
8) Further, in continuation of the prelude, you can go to the next stage – caresses using the fingers of the partner. This, of course, should not be fisting – with it, a hand or a fist is put in an anus – a whole one, a maximum of two or three fingers will be enough for a caress of prelude. The man leads them into the anus slowly, carefully moving them further deeper.
9) As soon as the finger has passed the sphincter muscle, it is not recommended to remove it immediately (especially sharply). This can cause excessive pain to the girl, the muscles of the anus will tense and introduce a finger back. It is better to wait a bit until the sphincter muscles are relaxed and slowly pull a finger out of the anus.
10) a very important point – with any anal penetration – whether it is a finger or penis – it doesn’t matter – always use grease. The lubricant is certainly needed – after all, hurting pain with anal sex is very easy. For anal sex, lubricants on a water or silicone basis are best suited. It is not recommended to use vaseline for these purposes. The sex shop presents a huge selection of various lubricants, including precisely for anal penetration. Do not spare a lubricant – pour it abundantly both the penis and the anus. Remember – it is better that the lubricants are as much as possible!
11) In such a piquant business as anal sex, you should never rush. Gradually insert the penis into the anus, if the girl hurts – it is better to stop and wait a bit. The penis should enter the anus slowly, it is better for the first time to limit ourselves to only the introduction of the head.
12) best, simultaneously with the introduction of a member into the anus with a free hand, gently caress the partner’s chest. This will calm the woman, the muscles of the anus will relax and the penetration of the penis will happen easier.
13) You can also stimulate the clitoris and vagina with your hand – this will also lead to additional satisfaction of the girl, helping her to fight with her fears and stress.
14) Many believe that a condom is not needed with anal sex, but this. Be sure to use it for anal copulation. A large number of pathogenic microbes in the rectum are in the rectum, which can lead to all kinds of diseases. And the girl will be so calmer – many can cause stress that the partner must "Podges" with a penis into something unpleasant – what are the thoughts of pleasure here!
15) Do not force events – you can separate the stages of preparation for anal sex for several days. At first – independent stimulation of the anus, then affection with a partner, then anal sex itself. Later, as you gain experience, you can try both anal sex with a strapon and BDSM elements. It doesn’t matter that you have to do everything slowly – hurrying up and doing something wrong, you can discourage the desire to have anal sex for the whole visible prospect.
16) Never, even during a period of strong sexual excitement, do not introduce firm and large, sharp objects or objects that have sharp edges into the anus! The consequences of cuts and wounds on the rectum are extremely painful and difficult to treat. Follow caution!
17) Do not apply excessive strength when the penis is introduced into the anus. This can cause a girl severe pain. The recipe is very simple – more lubrication and slow, leisurely promotion of the penis – with stops at the first request of the girl.
18) For anal sex, you need to choose the most convenient positions for partners. It can be classic, for this type of intimate contact, the pose "Dogs". With her, both a girl and a man can get the greatest satisfaction. You can try a pose "On the side" Or experiment. The main thing is that you are comfortable.
19) with anal sex, you need to choose the position thanks to which the girl can easily interrupt the contact if she hurts. When the penis already entered into the anus begins to hurt, you need to try to relax the anus sphincter and go with your whole body forward.
20) In no case should you have anal sex with various diseases – such as hemorrhoids or diarrhea.
21) Never use toys that have been in the rectum, again without preliminary cleaning. The same applies to the condom used during anal sex.

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